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Why is Artan Lame holding the Cadastral Acts hostage?

Why is Artan Lame holding the Cadastral Acts hostage?

Spaho Shine*

Artan Lame, the General Director of Cadastre, no longer asks about the laws that are published in the Official Gazette. The decision of the Council of Ministers no. 782 of October 7, 2020, which has approved the "Models of Cadastral Acts and of and data in the content of the cadastral map", Annex no. 6 of which also includes the model of the Certificate of Registration of Real Rights, a flagrant violation has been made. Three years after approval, the head of ASHK has decided not to make it accessible to citizens.  
Cadastral acts are official documents issued by ANA for real estate owners and holders of real rights. These acts in themselves are unique and are issued by the State Cadastre Agency. The models of acts that must be issued by ANA are issued by the decision of the Council of Ministers, i.e. they are approved by VKM as they are provided for in law number 111/2018 on Cadastre.
Under these conditions, the certificate of real rights for holders of these rights, approved by government decision no. 782 on October 7, 2020, about 3 years ago. ASHK has the legal obligation, from the moment the government takes the decision, and this decision is published in the Official Gazette, to publish it in the multifunctional system of the Cadastral Service, a certificate which does not exist implemented in this system.
Artan Lame is the only one who can know the real reason why this documentation is not found in the Cadastre system, and why a government decision has not been implemented. The non-implementation of this act penalizes hundreds of thousands of citizens, who need these acts to be identified as holders of these real rights. In this case, the lost are the citizens, who do not receive the required service for which they repay financial obligations to the state as regular taxpayers, and do not receive the required service in the protection of their rights, which originate from the property and the right real derived from them. ASHK is neglecting the government's decision and is "shaking" the holders and preventing them from enjoying their property rights.  
The legal security of the properties does not exist as long as the Cadastral Acts legally approved by Artan Lame are not issued on behalf of the real estate owners and holders of real rights.

*Former Department Director at KLSH

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