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Our "Albanias" are rotting from the inside!

Our "Albanias" are rotting from the inside!

Kim Mehmeti

Through our "Albanias," everyone talks to others in a way that is similar to their own. This is how our opinionists evaluate everyone except themselves; philosophers argue with each other about religion and the mosque but not about wisdom; clerics talk among themselves about morality and family but do not get in the way when religion becomes the 'handmaiden' of politics ...

So we are each locked in our circle, where we argue and talk about the other, but not with the others. With what our "Albanias" became "open" societies composed of closed circles.

Short and Albanian: in our "Albania," there is a lack of inter-city communication, so there are party protests, protests of doctors, students, farmers..., but not protests where everyone would fight together against the theft and crime that has covered societies ours.

So, in "Albania," everyone is closed within their own kind, and they don't talk to others, but they appreciate each other. Thus, they forget that anything closed, which is not ventilated from the outside, begins to mold and rot.

And we don't notice that even our "Albania's" have almost begun to "rot" from the inside, to become places where a fool represents thousands of wise men, where a thief decides the fate of hundreds of honest people, and where the most valuable of us are killed—youthful dreams and hopes.

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