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It is rebuilt after each crash

It is rebuilt after each crash

Luciano Boçi

Do not rejoice in vain, dear scribes of networks, outdated megaphones, political eunuchs!

Fall is not a condition.

For her it has been a simple move.

Do not forget:

His strength has always been the ability to rebuild stronger after each crash.

Read the story:

In 1992 after 1991, in 2005 after 1997, and now after 2013.

While today that case obstacle fall just illustrated that its rise is unstoppable.

After him not in vain came the word in all its manifestation.


E paekuivok.

Scanned meaningfully.

Convincing for a political action with platform, vision and spirit of opposition.

That takes strength from resurrection.

That takes life from membership.

That gets clarity from the vote.

Accurate in the chanting, in the political ideas, in the transmission, that word was the most obvious uplift that was distributed on the electrification stairs of the hall.

The opposition launched vigorously on its irreversible mission.

Joining with him all those who love the country, the PD family is inevitable.

The running of formless choirs, to catch up with the fate of the obstacle, makes them hostage to political misery today.

The resurrection resounded in that hall!

The natural symbolism of falling from the obstacles, followed by the resurrection, only adorned the re-establishment!

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