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A lot of idiots, in one square meter!

A lot of idiots, in one square meter!

By Kim Mehmeti

I read somewhere that the Mayor of Peja has expressed doubts that the Kosovo Police itself deploys weapons in the North and then confiscates them?!

As I read that the Kosovo police have arrested two Albanians suspected of espionage and cooperation with the Secret Service of Serbia, 'BIA'.

Then, whichever portal you open, you will face the same question: is Albania a narco-state or not?!

So everywhere news bordering on unbelievable, happening in our 'Albania'!

Meanwhile, it seems that we all forget that Albania is an 'abnormal' country in the hands of an 'abnormal' prime minister, as well as an unfortunate country, whose misfortune is not only the 'Renaissance', but also the mental prostitution of the Albanian elites, the elite that they parade through the media and feed fatteningly from the manger that the Painter fills for them.

As we forget that Kosovo is a new state in which only the roots of the pro-Serbian and Yugonostalgic structures are old!

So how do we forget that our 'Albania' is too small, for so many idiots in one square meter! (KM)

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