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Anna Wintour plans an event similar to the Met Gala, but in London

Anna Wintour plans an event similar to the Met Gala, but in London

It's Anna Wintour's world and we're all living in it. The second annual Vogue World is heading to the UK and is set to kick off London Fashion Week this autumn. Wintour, Vogue's editor-in-chief and Conde Nast's chief content officer, hopes the show will take on the same notoriety that the Met Gala did. Fresh off fashion's biggest night, Wintour is gearing up for a UK repeat. After last year's show went "brilliantly", the fashion company said it will bring Vogue World theaters to London "to show our support for the arts".

"The arts are under threat in the UK and Vogue World will be a timely reminder of how important they are, how vital they are to our lives and how much they need our support."

The philanthropic event, featuring rapper Stormzy and actress Michaela Coel, will be ticketed to raise money for the city's performing arts institutions, such as the National Theatre, Royal Opera House and Royal Ballet.

"I read with concern about the amount of cuts that were happening around the performing arts. The creative talent in London is unparalleled, so anything we can do to support all those brilliant creative people, we will."

Acknowledging the brutal blow to London's fashion scene during the pandemic in 2020, Wintour said the Vogue team "wanted to put the spotlight on the fashion shows".

"We made the decision that, as we were coming out of COVID, we wanted to do something that was not only supporting the fashion industry, but also the restaurant industry, the arts, life in general."

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