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The ex-wife of the famous F1 pilot is arrested

The ex-wife of the famous F1 pilot is arrested

Jenson Button's ex-wife, model Jessica Michibata, has been arrested in Japan after police discovered a package of drugs addressed to her. The 38-year-old mother of one lives in the US but was born in Japan and was staying at a hotel in Tokyo. There, the Metropolitan Police Department detained her after customs officers allegedly found her inside a parcel addressed to her when she arrived from abroad.

Reports in The Japan Times suggest she was staying at the Tokyo Hotel with one person. Little else is known about the incident, although Michibata's modeling agency has released a brief statement.

"We apologize to all of you for any inconvenience that Jessica Michibata's reports have caused to our company. We are currently unable to contact Michibata directly and we are gathering information to confirm the facts. Since the incident is under police investigation, we will refrain from divulging further details."

Well, apparently Jenson Button's ex-partners manage to get attention in the online media. We remember that a few years ago, Brittny Ward did not hesitate to show her assets as she posted a topless photo on Instagram.

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