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Shkurte Fejza's husband collides with a car

Shkurte Fejza's husband collides with a car

A serious incident happened today to the husband of singer Shkurte Fejza, Hajrush Behluli, who was hit by a car in Prizren. His daughter, Gresa Behluli, confirmed the news for Kosovo media.

"Yes, he was hit by a car, but he is in good health," she said briefly.

Hajrush Behluli has been involved in a public debate, after the statement of hoxha Shefqet Krasniqi about Shkurte Fejza, who said that music in general is not pleasant for him.

"In short, the texts are good, but it hurts me a lot that it is not very religious as it should be, maybe there is a Ramadan, but it is not enough", declared Krasniqi.

After that, the husband of the singer, Hajrush Behluli, reacted, who emphasized that their religion is Albanian.

"As for the information of all of you who have sold your soul to your masters, I tell you very clearly: Skurte Fejza and my family believe strongly, with conviction and with our hearts in the great God, and as for your religious ideologies and evaluations of all kinds of madness, we don't even kill the mind. We believe only in God and our religion is only ALBANIA. "PS this guy is lying because he didn't know if we are religious or not, because fortunately we have never met him or talked on the phone, so let him deal with those he communicates with," Behluli said.

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