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Elvana Gjata is now presenting her live album "Çelu"

Elvana Gjata is now presenting her live album "Çelu"

After almost 2 years of separation from music, Elvana Gjata is back with a full album with 7 songs.

"Çelu" is the title of her album, which was released last night after midnight on Spotify and other music platforms.

This album has been worked again with the singer-songwriter Pirro Çako, whom he thanked a little while ago on Instagram through precious words:

"Dear Pyrrho ...
You are the honor and pride of this country! A
source of music that does not run out!
A dear friend and Inspiration!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for every emotion, tears of joy, and endless laughter I have experienced during creating this bouquet with soul notes!
I love you so much "

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Meanwhile now, on Youtube is their live premiere through clips.

It has just started and you can enjoy it at the following link:

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