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Flor Binaj talks about leaving Portokallia: I have to keep my dignity

Flor Binaj talks about leaving Portokallia: I have to keep my dignity

Comedian Flor Binaj was today invited to the morning show on ABC, where among other things he talked about his new experience with the show "Piranjat" and was also asked about leaving "Portokallia".

His departure from "Portokallia" was a surprise to the public and it was even discussed that he would open a party, but the truth was different.

"Not only on Top Channel but also on many other TV stations, copyright is not respected. In Portokalli, I was the creator and performer of my numbers and many others. who no longer endures and maintains an attitude. "

"Maintain your dignity and move forward. The law is in order, the work is in the implementation. Here they have agreed but do not implement it," said the actor, adding that one of the reasons for leaving the comedy show was and his family.

"One of the reasons for leaving was the family because he works all day and can not afford to buy the time you lost with your children. "These are memories, better these memories together than some photos on Whatsapp."

Speaking about the new engagements, Flori said she will make a new TV show.

"I am working on a program of my own, a humor program, with guests. There will be a stand up comedy and some feature films. A movie will be short. "Now that I am not in Portokalli, I see how much time has occupied me, how much time I have lost and how far behind I am with many projects",  - said Flori.

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