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"The Italian public didn't like me", Elhaida Dani talks about 'The Voice of Italy'

"The Italian public didn't like me", Elhaida Dani talks about

Last night, Elhaida Dani was invited to "A-Live-Night" and among other things, she talked about her experience in "The Voice of Italy" and showed that at that time the Italian public did not like her and this made her feel bad. 

Elhaida shared that her biggest mistake was reading online reviews.

I don't know what the prices are worth because today I look at those cups and they don't give me anything, they are just something physical. The only thing that touches me today is when I meet people and they appreciate who I am. I remember myself watching Italian channels and that's how I learned Italian. As soon as the visas were opened, I went straight to 'Amici', all my father's savings went to plane tickets. The audition had hundreds and hundreds of young kids attending and I was completely out of place there. It was a terrible audition, they gave us a list of 10 songs, if you didn't know a song you had to go home. When it's my turn I start following the song, I didn't sing properly and I didn't get the audition.

This was my first experience in Italy. I shared the idea that I would try Italy. They told me that 'The Voice' will be held for the first time in Italy, they just told me 'come and let's do the first audition'. I was very confident. I received a call after a few days, they told me 'you are part of 'The Voice of Italy'. Then I move to Milan for a few months. I didn't talk to anyone because there were strange looks towards me, but I didn't mind at all because my goal was to sing. When I was on stage I had so many emotions and when I hear the chairs turn four times, in those moments I sat on my knees, I could barely remember the words.

They started flattering the jury, wanting to take me on the team. In the end, I say I will go with Richardo and I say it was the best choice I have made. He has become my tutor even today, he was present a few months ago in Tirana when I presented my album. One of the most important acquaintances of my life. During the 'Voice' period, it never crossed my mind that I might win, but it never crossed my mind that I might not. I missed my family, my friends, it was hard, but I didn't think there was anything more important than that. There were moments when I suffered from the fact that the Italian public did not want it to be an Albanian or a person from any country that went through all the stages of this Italian event, because after all it is called 'The Voice of Italy'. I went online after every episode and looked at the comments, there I went to the pit in morale. That made me say maybe I don't deserve to be here."

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