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Health risks from flies touching food

Health risks from flies touching food

So far we have thought that flies that touch food are not harmful but only annoying. But studies confirm that the health risks posed to humans by the consumption of food affected by flies are great.

Flies can transmit many infectious diseases such as cholera, typhoid and dysentery. A single fly carries as many as 200 different types of harmful bacteria.

It is enough for the fly to touch the food once, the damage is irreversible. Flies contain thousands of fine hairs. Different bacteria can enter there, which are easily transferred to human food.

Experts say that if the fly stays on the food for a single second, the bacteria accumulated in their body spills onto the plate.

Since flies transfer dangerous and contagious diseases, AgroWeb.org advises you to avoid eating contaminated food.

How to avoid food contamination by flies?

Avoiding annoying flies on the dining table or plate is extremely difficult.

Plastic bags filled with water

Water creates different reflections and disrupts the vision of flies.

A bag of water resembles a spider's web to flies which they avoid.

AgroWeb.org advises you to fill plastic bags with water and keep them near doors, balconies and windows so that flies do not dare to enter.

Apple cider vinegar

Pour half a cup of warm apple cider vinegar into a glass jar.

AgroWeb.org instructs you to put a funnel in it and keep it in an area where flies stay most often.

Flies will follow the scent of the vinegar and become trapped.

If the fly has touched part of your food, it is recommended that you discard that part and consume the remaining, uncontaminated part.

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