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Sara Hoxha reveals more about her victory in "Dancing With The Stars": Even if someone else had come out

Sara Hoxha reveals more about her victory in "Dancing With The Stars":

Invited to the show "Pardon My French" today was the winner of the first edition of "Dancing With The Stars", Sara Hoxha. The beauty told in an exclusive interview everything about her experience in the dance show, the first meeting with Ledri and details that we did not know about their beginnings, how they met and not only...

How does Sarah manage to manage it all?

I have many people close to me and I try to give each person the right attention and I'm not talking here only about Ledri and Poi but my mother, aunt, aunt, society. We are very connected.

It comes after an experience like "Dancing With The Stars" and we all saw that Sara mastered the stage very well and got used to everything, although she often mentioned that she was not used to the cameras before. She received many positive comments about this super experience, but there were also some who criticized her, and the award winner herself chose to respond with humor. Has she reflected?

It's not that I didn't deal much with those comments because I knew they were coming and I'll never forget when we were once at Top's coffee shop with Ardit Çuni drinking coffee and Lori Hoxha came to greet us and said: "I just want to tell you something that second place is always better than first place." I was thinking why is he telling us this, is he preparing money for us? (laughs) Arditi and I got into those paranoias of ours and that's when I realized that he was right because the first place is never valued, that is, even if someone else had come out there would always be hints. I expected it to some extent.

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