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"I love you like a sister", Fifi reveals the pact she made with Granit Cana before entering BBVIP

"I love you like a sister", Fifi reveals the pact she made with Granit

The relationship of the famous singer, Fifi with the former footballer Granit Cana was among the most commented on in the Big Brother Vip edition.

It even seemed that the pair were headed for a love affair and a beautiful romance. But as Fifi expressed his feelings for Granit Cana, the former footballer decided to distance himself from the singer, saying that he loved her very much, but as a sister.

When 3 years have passed since this edition, Fifi revealed the agreement she had made with Granit Cana before entering the BBV house.

Invited to "Cherry On Top", Fifi has shown that they knew each other outside the house and before becoming part of the competition they made a pact to pretend to be in BBV as if they were going to connect.

However, the artist has shown that the moment they entered the house, the former footballer did not stick to the agreement and told her to "look at you as a sister".

"Before I entered BBV, I made an agreement with Granit so that they made it look as if we would connect internally. On the second day when I entered the house, he told me to look at you as a sister.

We knew each other before entering BBV. In fact, we didn't know what would happen to us, would we have that visibility, we didn't know that impact. We had ethics in the first place. I was saying to myself "why is this one taking me out as if I'm dying after this one", while we had an agreement to make a game", she said.

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