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Which signs will the August supermoon affect the most?

Which signs will the August supermoon affect the most?

As we slowly head into autumn and the nights start to get longer, the last supermoon of the year will create a spectacle tonight. This means that the already sentimental moon is inviting us to dig deeper into the source of our emotions. It is a good time to reflect on desires and to accept thoughts and ideas that we have pushed until now.

Leo season has fueled passion projects and given us the confidence to take many risks. The arrival of the full moon on August 11 is a moment to take a quick pause before starting something new. Astrologer Erin River Sunday says:

"While we are ready for action in some ways, this moment is about recognizing the boundaries required to build the collective freedoms we seek. However you focus around that date may be reaching a tipping point."

Will the rebellious energy of this moon send shockwaves through your world? Read on to find out if you're one of the zodiac signs most affected by August's full moon…





This will be the fourth and final supermoon for 2022. Known as the 'Sturgeon Moon', August's Full Moon peaks around 9.36pm (EDT) on Thursday (0136am GMT on Friday), although the Moon it will appear bright and full by Friday evening (August 10 and 12).

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