umlaut praises Vodafone Albania the best fixed network in Albania

umlaut praises Vodafone Albania the best fixed network in Albania

After 4 years in a row, designated as the best mobile network in the country, Vodafone receives for the first time the certification for the quality of the fixed network. One of the leading international companies in testing the quality of digital infrastructure, umlaut, published the results of the latest tests conducted in Albania for the fixed network, where it turns out that Vodafone Albania has received the highest scores for all performance indicators of the fixed network.

In an online ceremony, the General Director of Telecommunications in umlaut, Hakan Ekmen, virtually handed over the Vodafone award and congratulated the company for achieving these test results!

umlaut praises Vodafone Albania the best fixed network in Albania

The General Director for Telecommunications in umlaut said:

"We congratulate Vodafone and the team for providing the best fixed network experience in Albania. "This achievement takes on even more value in difficult times like the Covid-19 pandemic, where the need for a good internet is a necessity to meet challenges such as work or distance education."

The General Director of Vodafone Albania, Achilleas Kanaris, said:

"We are very proud of this achievement. Although we operate for a short time in the fixed market, our commitment and investments for the development of fixed infrastructure have yielded results. We already offer our customers the best mobile and landline network anywhere in Albania. This brings us even closer to our aspiration to realize the digital society in Albania. The development of fixed infrastructure is a necessity for a better future. Our investments will continue and we promise to bring innovation to the market thanks to the introduction of new technologies and digital services that position Vodafone as a development partner "

umlaut praises Vodafone Albania the best fixed network in Albania

umlaut has analyzed the quality of fixed internet in Albania, testing the performance of services at the national level. Based on the tests performed, Vodafone Albania reached 709 points out of 1000 in terms of fixed network performance in total, results that emphasize once again the high standard in the quality of services provided by Vodafone in Albania.

Vodafone Albania has been and will always be the driving force of the development of the electronic communications industry in Albania. This achievement in network performance tests is the result of continuous investment in network infrastructure and the maximum commitment of the company to guarantee quality and the best mobile and landline services in the market for customers.

For more information visit: https://www.umlaut.com/en/benchmarking/albania




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