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The red and black flag in Preševo ​​and Bujanovc irritates the Serbs: the mayors of the municipalities will be fined

The red and black flag in Preševo ​​and Bujanovc irritates the Serbs:

The raising of the Albanian flag in the municipalities of Preshevea and Bujanovci by their mayors, Albaniam and Nagip Arifi, has evoked strong reactions among the Serbs.

The Serbian media "Novosti" , in the published article, writes that the two leaders will be fined based on Serbian laws, which prohibit placing the coat of arms or flag of a foreign country in the state buildings of the Republic of Serbia, except when this is permitted. under any international treaty.

While Bujanovačke  reports that the flags were raised on Monday evening, shortly before the two leaders of both municipalities traveled to Tirana to celebrate the national holiday.

According to them, unlike the previous years when the mayor of the municipality of Bujanova Nagip Arifi personally placed the flag of Albania on the balcony of the municipality building, in the 111th Anniversary of Independence, Nevzad Lutfiu, a former councilor in the city's Municipal Assembly, had the honor.

Because of the placement of the Albanian flag, the police have for years filed charges against the heads of municipalities, officials and directors of public institutions, who have been convicted for violating Article 41, paragraph 1, point 3, of the Law on the appearance and use of the coat of arms , the flag and the anthem of the Republic of Serbia.

The law provides that the legal person is punished with a fine of 50,000 to 500,000 dinars for the misdemeanor committed.

Albania Arifi demonstrated the placement of the red and black flag in the building of the municipality of Preševo ​​with a video where he congratulated the Albanians on Independence Day.

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