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Zaev: If the blockade from Bulgaria continues, I wish Albania luck to continue the only path to the EU

Zaev: If the blockade from Bulgaria continues, I wish Albania luck to continue

Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said in an interview with DW that he hopes for a solution to the dispute with Bulgaria with the new government in Sofia. Otherwise, he wishes good luck to Albania to continue on the European path alone.

There is frustration among citizens after the European road to Northern Macedonia is blocked, but the country will not seek alternatives, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said in an interview with Deutsche Welle's "Conflict Zone" show.

Zaev talks about the chances of resolving the dispute with Bulgaria, the upcoming census, corruption in the country and the danger to the region if delays in EU integration continue.

"I am optimistic because during our last visit on June 17, we met with all the officials in Bulgaria, the president, the prime minister, the ministers and offered solutions to all the open problems. And, there was a full confirmation of that, but the need for a political government in Bulgaria remains.

Therefore, I am optimistic and can conclude that we continue to be completely friendly, because we are the first neighbors and normally we should provide a better future for our young people, so as not to make mistakes in that direction. "Therefore, I believe that after the formation of the new government (in Sofia) a solution is possible," Zaev said.

Although the disappointment in the country after the Bulgarian blockade "is very great" , as Zaev says, there is still no alternative for the country.

I wish good luck to Albania "

Postponing the European future of countries in the region, the loss of motivation becomes dangerous for all countries in the Western Balkans, as well as for Northern Macedonia, says Zaev.

"Only a future in the EU gives us hope that the Europeanization of the country will continue. More rule of law, better health system, European education system, good economy ..."

Northern Macedonia and Albania in recent years in a package hoped for a positive decision to start accession negotiations with the EU, but the dilemma of possible separation of the two countries is growing more and more.

The European Council believes that it will be easier to make a decision to start negotiations for the two countries in a package, than individually, says Zaev, but there is no problem for him if the two countries are now divided due to veto from Sofia.

"Every country deserves to be judged by its results." I wish success and luck to our western neighbor, Albania, to continue on that path if this blockade by Bulgaria continues. "

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