Albanian Parties from South Serbia Together in Elections for the First Time

Parties of ethnic Albanians from south Serbia would take part in the Parliamentary elections on June 21 for the first time under one ticket called Albanian Democratic Alternative – United Valley, in order to win more mandates in this way, it was confirmed on Wednesday.

The list would include candidates from Party for Democratic Action (PVD), led by the president of Bujanovac municipality Shaip Kamberi, Alternative for Change (APN) led by the president of Presevo municipality Shqiprim Arifi, Democratic Party (PD) led by the former president of Bujanovac municipality Nagip Arifi.

The list also included Movement for Democratic Progress (LPD) led by Shqiprim Musliu and Movement for Reforms (LPR) led by Sami Salihu.

The joint appearance of all five Albanian parties from Bujanovac and Presevo at Parliamentary elections was a result of an agreement reached in January in Tirana.

During the last elections, four years ago, only PVD took part in them, while the other Albanian parties boycotted.

The only MP of ethnic Albanians in the outgoing Parliament is Fatmir Hasani from PVD.