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"The war has started even for a beautiful woman, but not for license plates", reveals Vučič's conversation with Hill on the night of tensions in the north of Kosovo

"The war has started even for a beautiful woman, but not for license

The prestigious American New York Times interviewed Serbian President Aleksander Vučić after the July 31 tensions in the north. The NYT also spoke with the representative of the US diplomatic mission in Serbia, Christopher Hill, who narrated the episode of what he said to the Serbian president, on the critical day in the north, Gazeta Express reports.

Ambassador Hill told the American newspaper that he did not consider the Kosovo-Serbia armed conflict possible, however, he told Vučić that it would be the first war to start over car license plates.

"Mr. Hill, the US ambassador, has also called for calm. In an interview in the Serbian capital Belgrade, Hill said that while he considered armed conflict impossible, he had told Mr. Vučić: “Wars have started over land, money, even a beautiful woman. But that would be the first fight I've ever heard of starting with a license plate ," the New York Times reported.

America's ambassador to Serbia, Christopher R. Hill, a veteran diplomat whose appointment signaled Washington's heightened anxiety about the Balkans, said Russia, offering only "economic blackmail" and "chaos throughout the region," had found few supporters.

"Despite Russia's influence in Serbia's energy sector and despite its efforts to spread disinformation here, the Serbs have decided that their future is with Europe and the West," Hill said. /Express newspaper

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