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Peace summit for Ukraine not completely unanimity

Peace summit for Ukraine not completely unanimity

In the final document of the peace summit for Ukraine in Switzerland, over 90 participating countries failed to reach unanimity. Mainly, the issue of how to involve Russia in this process remains controversial.

For two consecutive days at the weekend in Switzerland, the future of Ukraine was discussed. About 100 participating states gathered to discuss near Lucerne. The summit closed on Sunday (16.06.2024) with a final statement, in which 80 of the 93 participants stated that the "territorial integrity" of the country attacked by Russia should be the basis of a peace agreement.

In the summit statement, Russia becomes responsible for the war in Ukraine, where it has caused great human suffering and destruction. Among others, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates did not want to sign this document. In part, these states continue cooperation with Russia in the so-called Brics group and, despite the attack on Ukraine, maintain friendly relations with Moscow. The draft final statement takes this into account, so Russia is not explicitly condemned for its attack.

According to Austria's chancellor Karl Nehammer, the fact that some states refused to sign the document has only to do with certain details on certain diplomatic terms. But the general basis of the statement is not affected by this, said Nehammer. "That's why I'm not very worried, that the document was not signed by everyone", said Nehammer.

There is a desire for a follow-up conference on Ukraine. But it is still too early to say what its format will be and whether Russia can also participate. Swiss President Viola Amherd praised the summit's final statement as a "clear signal to the people in Ukraine and to everyone who has been directly affected by the consequences of the war: A large part of the international community has the will to set change in motion." "

"We are on a good path"

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi on the first day of the work assessed the summit as a success. "It is a joint success of all those who believe that a united world, united nations, are stronger than the attacker." At the end, addressing the participants, he said that he now hopes for quick results.

According to the Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, the conference has generally brought progress. "We are well on our way." The final document is complete and "balanced", he said. Kuleba emphasized, that Ukraine will not be left alone, for Russia to speak with the ultimate language. Before the start of the conference on Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin presented conditions to the government in Kiev for peace talks.

Peace still far away - How will Russia continue?

The Chancellor of Germany, Olaf Scholz, stated that efforts should be made to find the framework and a roadmap for a sustainable and comprehensive peace in Ukraine. Representatives of some countries criticized that Russia was not invited to the conference. Even the German chancellor said that it is true that peace in Ukraine cannot be achieved without including Russia in the process. Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al-Sau said that persuasive talks require difficult compromises. Saudi Arabia together with Turkey can be considered as possible organizers of the next conference.

The purpose of the conference was to initiate a peace process, in which Russia should also be included in the long term. This time, Moscow was not invited nor did it express a desire to participate in the conference./ DW

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