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What does Albania gain by helping Ukraine? Rama: We are doing it for ourselves

What does Albania gain by helping Ukraine? Rama: We are doing it for ourselves

Prime Minister Edi Rama was asked at the joint conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy what Albania benefits from helping Ukraine.

Rama said that Albania has done it for itself as it feels threatened for its future.

According to Rama, the key is to join the European Union and at the same time have regional cooperation between the Balkan countries.

"We have also supported Ukraine with support packages that are not loans. They are not even part of any business, we have not asked them to pay back from our modest means. We are aware that this is something very small, because we are doing it for ourselves. Directly. This is not just an existential threat to Ukraine, but to everything we think our future should be. If we want a future in the EU, we want the EU, we don't want to see it fall apart after it gets into an internal struggle over values ​​or actions justified or not.

There have been many sanctions against Russia. The problem is that if you take something from a poor person it is not that it will make him change his mind, but if you take it from the rich he will lose his mind. For us this is the key, we want to join the EU, but at the same time we want full cooperation with the region. We are inside the EU physically, but outside politically, so we want to be fully integrated and we don't want this organism to explode or we won't have a future. The EU is not heaven, but there is no doubt that it is a joyful hell, not a bloody hell," he said.

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