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The government does not back down: Payments to the incinerators will continue, as long as there is no decision from the court

The government does not back down: Payments to the incinerators will continue,

Despite the fact that the incinerators are not working, the government is determined to continue making the payments. This was confirmed by the Minister of Finance and Economy, Delina Ibrahimaj.

In a statement to the media, Ibrahimaj said that payments for incinerators will continue as long as it is a public service and the law enforcement bodies do not have a decision to stop the payments.

"I have answered several times and it will be the same answer. As long as we have a public service that is performed and as long as there is no decision by the law enforcement bodies to stop these payments, everything will continue ," Ibrahimaj said.

In addition to resistance to incinerators, the government does not give up the boards either. Asked about the increase in prices mainly in some bakeries, the minister said that for the year 2023, an institution will be established that monitors prices in some sectors, i.e. another Transparency Board.

"There is no institution that has responsibility for monitoring market prices, we have created task forces. During 2022, we thought of creating an institution responsible for monitoring competition related to prices in different sectors. In 2023, we will work to create this institution", said Ibrahimaj.

As for the decision on the salary increase, Ibrahimaj said that it will be spread over a period of two years.

"We have announced that we are undertaking a major reform for salary increases in the public sector. It will be a reform spread over two years, not an increase in one year. Regarding the sustainability of public finances and affordability, the Ministry of Finance has committed that at this stage of the development of economic activity in the country, it will continue with fiscal consolidation.

The spaces to cope with the wage reform that is more necessary will not affect the main rules of fiscal stability related to the debt, where the level of public debt must be lower than a year ago or with the slowing down of the deficit level. So the whole reform will be carried out within all the parameters of fiscal stability", added the minister.

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