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Rama: If in June we do not receive 'OK' from the EU from Bulgaria, we will seek secession from Northern Macedonia

Rama: If in June we do not receive 'OK' from the EU from Bulgaria, we

Prime Minister Edi Rama warned that Albania will seek secession from northern Macedonia if the green light for Albania's EU integration is not given again in June this year due to Bulgaria's veto.

"This will happen only if in June the negotiations for Albania are not formally reopened because of Bulgaria. Until June, as we have laid out in the consultation with the Albanians, we will continue to be in line with Macedonia that both countries should receive the green light.

If Bulgaria hinders Macedonia in June, we will demand secession from Macedonia. "It can not happen that you can not leave the house because two neighbors are fighting" , said Rama in the joint conference with the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

The chancellor himself said on this issue that now is the time for another step

" Now the next step must come. I, with my strength and the support of the government, want this to happen, we are dealing with new times, we are dealing with Russian aggression, so we must all support each other. . "I hope this will lead to membership for the Western Balkans ," Scholz said.

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