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Tensions in the North, Lleshaj against Rama: Criticism of Kurt, shameful!

Tensions in the North, Lleshaj against Rama: Criticism of Kurt, shameful!

Former Interior Minister Sandër Lleshaj has commented on the tense situation in the north of Kosovo.

Through a post on Facebook, he writes that all those who think that the perpetrators of the massacres in the Balkans can be converted into peaceful partners are wrong. According to him, aggressors can change only if they clearly can.

Unlike the prime minister of Edi Rama , Lleshaj says that the criticisms that are made publicly today of Prime Minister Albin Kurti are harmful and that the pressure that is put on him publicly by Albanians is shameful.

Llešaj's full post:


Those who are perpetrating violence in the north of Kosovo are not seeking the natural rights of an ethnic minority. They, the former masters, cannot even come to terms with the idea that they are a minority today. They do not agree, not even in principle, to obey a government run by Albanians. Their only loyalty is to Serbia, while Serbia's true loyalty is only to Russia. Illusions that the perpetrators of the massacres in the Balkans can be converted over time into peaceful partners are depressing. History has proven that aggressors can change only after they are clearly defeated.

It took the West almost three decades to understand in Ukraine the futility of illusions about Russia. We can only hope that together with Russia, the West will finally understand Serbia, without the need for a new military conflict in the Balkans. Serbia cannot be transformed through concessions, but only through imposition.

The Government of Kosovo must understand that, in order to exercise sovereignty, you must have not only the right but also the power. Every sovereign step on the ground must be based on accurate calculations of power, thus understanding the elements of politics, diplomacy, economy, military, etc.. Without the guarantee of power, actions on the ground are worthless, for not to mention that they can also harm. In international relations, at the end of the day, power decides. As bitter and unfair as it sounds, unfortunately this is an old axiom of history.

As for those who have publicly attacked Albin Kurti, I think some moderation would be more useful. Even the fairest remarks against his attitudes, at present, turn into harmful ones when they are made in public. Everyone who today has something reasonable to say to him can do it in another way, without shouting at the media. And, indeed, there are a thousand things that need to be said to Albin Kurti today. But on the right track.

Meskin's haste to settle personal or party accounts with Kurti, at a time when major national interests are being violated, is, at best, weakness. The public pressure that others are putting on him is enough and too much, while the pressure that is being put on him publicly by Albanians is embarrassing.

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