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The widow announced by Serbia for the 3 aggressors, Rama takes the role of "Ider": Belgrade is fanning the flames

The widow announced by Serbia for the 3 aggressors, Rama takes the role of

Prime Minister Edi Rama has reacted after Serbia announced three days of mourning for three of the aggressors killed in Kosovo, after the organized attack where officer Afrim Bunjaku was killed.

In a post on the "X" platform, Rama calls Serbia's mourning unjustified and unaccepted as he calls on it to make up its mind whether it will join the European Union or stay behind in the past.

Rama also has a call for internationals, the US and the West, who are asked to be clear about the level of alarm that the conflict in the North has. But, apart from criticizing Aleksandër Vucic, Rama is not spared even with Kosovo, as he always does, which he criticizes for the decisions the government takes.

"The officially declared mourning in Belgrade for the members of the armed group that were annihilated by the security forces of the Republic of Kosovo, after that group took the life of a police officer, is the worst signal that Serbia could give to the region and Euro-Atlantic community! While it should have opened a serious investigation into the members of that criminal group, their connections with arms traffickers and other individuals or entities, in Serbia or elsewhere, potentially engaged in creating an armed movement in the North of Kosovo, Belgrade, with this black proclamation that has nothing to do with the 21st century, is fanning the flames of an armed conflict like never before since 1999!

This is not only unjustifiable and unacceptable, but condemnable with all the force of words and instruments available to the Euro-Atlantic community!

This is the moment that Serbia must clearly and firmly decide whether it will be with Europe and the democratic world of the 21st century or with the shadow of itself at the end of the 20th century; with the values ​​and principles of the European Union and the Euro-Atlantic community or with the ghosts and crimes of its inglorious past of the 90s; with the European tomorrow of its innocent children or with the guilty yesterday of murderous and suicidal nationalism!

Ky është momenti kur Bashkimi Europian dhe Shtetet e Bashkuara duhet ta ndajnë qartë e prerë mendjen nëse do ta ngrenë në nivelin më të lartë alarmin demokratik për ta ndalur përshkallëzimin e konfliktit në Veriun e Kosovës, i cili ka hyrë në fazën e vet më të rrezikshme qysh prej vitit 1999 apo do të vazhdojnë t’i mbajnë Dialogun për Normalizim dhe angazhimin e KFOR-it në të njëjtin nivel krejt të pamjaftueshëm tanimë! Kjo e dyta sot është krejt e pakëshillueshme, por nesër mund të bëhet krejt e pajustifikueshme, sepse nesër mund të jetë vonë edhe për të parën! Prandaj apeli i Shqipërisë për miqtë e mëdhenj e aleatët strategjikë të Ballkanit Perëndimor është: Veprimin e sotëm, mos e lini për nesër”, shkruan Rama.

Në postimin e tij, Rama pretendon se edhe Kosova duhet të marrë një pozicion nëse do të qëndrojë në kursin e veprimit të shkëputur nga miqtë e saj të pazëvendësueshëm dhe aleatët e saj të padiskutueshëm apo do të veprojë në harmoni e mirëkuptim me komunitetin euro-atlantik.

"This is the moment when Kosovo must also reflect very seriously and share a clear mind, whether it will continue in the course of action disconnected from its irreplaceable friends and its indisputable allies or will act in harmony and understanding with the Euro-Atlantic community, to achieve the greatest goal in history after the victory of the war and the declaration of independence, the final recognition as a member state of this community! All other paths except this second one are paths of illusions with painful endings, which take Kosovo away from the main goal, empty it of the spirit of the future and turn it into the most absurd way a hostage of peace in the middle of Europe, as it has emerge victorious from the war to become a free European country" , adds Rama.

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