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"Clear abuse," Meta: Renaissance doubles down on patronageists in administration

"Clear abuse," Meta: Renaissance doubles down on patronageists in

The chairman of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, in a message on Facebook, writes that instead of spending the money for investments towards the citizens, Renaissance spends it by adding patronageists to the administration.

The reaction of the head of PL, Ilir Meta:

Albania is one of the countries that spends more on salaries in the state administration compared to the countries of the region.

When we talk about wages, we don't just mean the personnel who work, who serve, but we also mean the army of patron Nazis that have increased, while the population has decreased significantly.

The data prove a clear abuse of the local government of 'Renaissance' with the over-inflation of the administration.

From 19,625 employees in local government in 2015 before the Territorial Reform, their number reached 36,663 in 2022 or an increase of about 87%.

Instead of the money being spent on more services and investments for citizens, 'Rilindja' is squandering it on parasitic employment and rewards for its patronages.

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