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The arrest of Dako, Hysaj: He will stay in the 'VIP' room as long as he agreed

The arrest of Dako, Hysaj: He will stay in the 'VIP' room as long as

The secretary for public relations in the "Together We Win" coalition, Jola Hysaj, has reacted to the arrest of the former mayor of Durrës, Vangjush Dakos.

Hysaj writes on 'Facebook' that Dako was not arrested for corruption, theft, tender charges, but only for abuse of office and that the socialist party will continue with "tallavans in the new justice system".

Full post:

In the name of new justice, release Tahir and arrest Dako! The SPAK of the party has made a media echo with the arrest of Vangjush Dakos, former mayor of Durrës.

The charge dates back 12 years to a construction permit, and therefore the charge is only for abuse of office.

The same charge that "burdened" Saimir Tahir a while ago, but he is now free. The decision was made on Friday but was executed 4 days later. These days are enough for agreements and cold calculations, what Dako can and cannot talk about, after all there are voices that say that "the dwarf knows a lot". This is just a funny show of the ruling party, which celebrates "justice reform". He was not stopped before the elections, on the contrary, he made a bargain to steal the result.

He was not arrested and sentenced for file 339. He was not arrested nor accused of corruption, theft, endless tenders, what has not happened in the Municipality of Durrës.

"Ice Hands" was not arrested either for Kodra e Currilawe, nor for Kodër Vila, nor for Veliera. He was not arrested for all the "project-ideas" of construction permits granted without criteria, which still endanger the lives of hundreds of citizens in Durrës. The important thing is that they have prepared the VIP room for him, he will stay as long as they agreed, he will probably feel bad not today, tomorrow for sure and they will send him to the hospital. Then he will behave well, his wife will have health problems and he will be released as the socialist tradition of the new justice wants. Socialists should get ready, the sacrifice for justice wants that when Dako leaves, another one will enter!

Enough of throwing ash in the eyes of the citizens of Durrës!

Enough is enough!


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