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Berisha for Rama: A prime minister who is considered the best in Serbia, does not deserve the chair for a single day

Berisha for Rama: A prime minister who is considered the best in Serbia, does

From the activity on the occasion of the 111th anniversary of Independence, chief democrat Sali Berisha stopped at Prime Minister Edi Rma whom he called "the best Serbian prime minister after Nikola Pashuqi".

Berisha said that placing a wreath on the grave of Ismail Qemali from Rama was a desecration of the bright work and of those who fought for an independent Albania.

"I was in Vlora today to express my respects on behalf of the opposition Albanian democrats and all Albanians who call themselves Albanian, for Ismail Qemali, for Vlora and its citizens, for this saving act for the nation.

I stopped at the Mezini family, the descendants of Abaz Mezini, one of the founders of Vlora, with a historic contribution to Independence. Abaz Mezini, the former first mayor of the Municipality of Vlora, had chaired the security committee for the declaration of independence in the city of Vlora.

I emphasized this moment that the declaration of independence was made in the conditions when Albania was occupied in many places, but it was its noble elite that guaranteed this act, together with Isa Boletini who came from Kosovo, with his warriors.

In front of the grave of the immortal, Ismail Bey Vlora, Pashiqi of Tirana had also laid a wreath. It was a desecration of the enlightened work. It was a desecration of all those who fought and fell for an independent Albania.

An enemy of the Albanian being, a prime minister who is appreciated by the political scientists of the time, as the best prime minister of Serbia after Nikola Pašić, does not deserve the chair he holds for a single day. It insults the national conscience of every Albanian, it insults the living and the dead of this country who have loved and who love Albania and the nation ," Berisha declared.


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