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Berisha presents the "Together We Win" coalition candidate for Kuçova, Maliqi: We win the elections convincingly

Berisha presents the "Together We Win" coalition candidate for

Democratic leader Sali Berisha, after visiting various cities of Albania, as part of the campaign for the May 14 elections, is today in the Kuçovo Municipality, where he is presenting the candidate of the "Bashkë Fitomje" coalition, Lefter Maliq.

During his speech in front of the democrats, Maliqi expressed his conviction about the victory of the May 14 locals.

" I have a conviction that in addition to the opposition, honest leftists who are disappointed by the local government will join us," Maliqi said. He accused that the mayor's office today "is polluted with immorality and corruption".

Maliqi promised investments in the city and villages as he said that investments will be made in the road of Velagoshti and the bridge of Bardhaj. "The city and the villages will turn into a construction site", said Maliqi, adding that the corrupt tenders, which according to him are developed by the SP, will be eliminated.

Also, he warned that there will be attempts to buy votes and manipulations from the opposing camp.

"May 13 and 14 will make it impossible to share lek, due to pressure and manipulation", Maliqi said.

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