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His appeal was rejected by SIAC/ Berisha: The decision adds a floor to the monument of corruption

His appeal was rejected by SIAC/ Berisha: The decision adds a floor to the

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, reacted after the decision of SIAC regarding his lawsuit regarding the decision to declare him 'non grata' by Great Britain.

Berisha stated that SIAC did not investigate the discovery of the truth, but also that the Secretary's decision was made on the basis of media articles sponsored by Soros and the statements of my political opponents Rama, Basha, Veliaj. 

Statement by the president of PD Sali Berisha

SIAC's decision adds a floor to the monument of corruption and shame of the decision to expel Sali Berisha.

In August 2022, I started the procedure to challenge the decision of the State Secretary of the Home Department (Home Office) of the BM for my expulsion from this country. , which was communicated to me on July 21, 2022, first by Edi Rama in parliament and then by the British government.
The appeal procedure provided for its mandatory initiation before the Special Migration Appeal Commission (SIAC), before the parties go to court.
The process in SIAC has been delayed beyond any reasonable time to prevent the discovery of the truth.
This process ended today, after two years, with the Home Office decision being upheld by the Appeals Commission, thus proving the complete failure of this commission to attack corruption in segments of the Great Britain administration.
In paragraph 17 of its decision, the Commission (SIAC) affirms that they have not assessed the truth of the evidence or the accusations leveled against me, but only if the Secretary of the Home Office had reason to believe that, based on the evidence presented to her forward, to believe that the expulsion decision was fair. This clearly proves that not only SIAC did not investigate the discovery of the truth as it claims, but also that the Secretary's decision was made based on media articles sponsored by Soros and the statements of my political opponents Rama, Basha, Veliaj.

SIAC also claims in its decision that it has not evaluated at all the thousands of pages of evidence and testimony presented by Mr. Berisha, with the claim that they were submitted outside the deadline (paragraph 9). While they were submitted absolutely within the deadline, the legal officials of the Home Office did not present them to the Secretary of this institution in order that she would not be familiar with their content and therefore not be accepted by SIAC, since the Secretary did not have them had in front of her at the time of making the decision (see paragraph).

I emphasize that this deliberate exclusion of evidence comes:
(i) After Ambassador Alastair King Smith's evidence presented to me in the Home Office failed, forcing him to go from office to office in Tirana asking for more evidence and expressing himself in confidence that we expelled Berisha, but we need evidence that he sued us.
(ii) After Ambassador Alastair King Smith wrote to his authorities that the removal of the expulsion for Berisha, whether by decision from the Home Office or other legal decisions, would lower the reputation of the United Kingdom.
(iii) Finally, this happened after the Home Office official who prepared the decision on my expulsion asked the body that had prepared the recommendation for my expulsion – the Crime State Nexus (CSN), which was headed by the predecessor of Ambassador Alastair King – to provide evidence against me. Smith, Mr. Norman Duncan, the latter ridiculously replied that the decision to expel me was based on 38 DipTels (diplomatic telegrams), but that all DipTels have been lost. Of course this was not true and this was a poor attempt to hide the fact that the DipTels did not show anything.

According to the ambassadors corrupted by the lobbying of George Soros and Edi Rames, Berisha should have been detained because:
(1) He had connections with the pyramids of 1997. at a time when the criminal and parliamentary investigations carried out by the SP after coming to power have not proven I can't find any facts about this. The evidence brought by the Home Office itself belies her claims. Even the Parliament of the UK itself, in a special report that talks about these schemes, evaluates the attitude of the Albanian government and advises the British institutions to follow its approach, as the only fair and legal way - the bankruptcy of the pyramid schemes and the putting of the leaders them before justice.
(2) Berisha has connections with organized crime since a DP militant whom Berisha had never met in his life (F. Dauti) kicked a door during a visit to the PD re-establishment commission! Although the Home Office claims in its documents that no evidence was found that Berisha had any connection with Mr. Dauti, in an illogical and funny way, say that this proves Berisha's connection with organized crime, this is only because the ambassador has taken Lulzim Basha's expressions ready.
(3) Berisha enriched the businessman Damir Fazliç and stopped his investigation according to a Soros media. The truth is that Fazlic has never been favored by Berisha and his government, and there is no fact to prove otherwise. The allusion to interference in the investigation of Fazlic refers to the fact that the prosecution in one case wanted to detain him without having a written decision to detain him, which was refused to be implemented by police officials, in accordance with the Constitution and universal guarantees for Human rights. When the prosecution legally issued the letter, Fazlic came and gave his testimony. The prosecution carried out investigations in Albania and other countries against Fazlic for 1 year and could not find any evidence to show any violation on his part.
(4) Berisha has enriched Fazlic since he, like any other citizen of this country or foreigner, has bought 12 hectares of private land in Porto Romano, of which 2 hectares from my son-in-law and that for this reason I have expanded the Porto park Romanos so that his land would be included within the expansion. The truth is that the land of Fazlic was partially within the park approved by the socialist government and the PD government expanded the park not by a few hectares, but by another 850 hectares, after the Ministry of Economy created the industrial zone based on a multi-year study energy in Porto Romano, based on the interests of creating such a park and not for the few hectares that Fazlic had bought. From 2004 onwards, in the official notebooks of Albania as well as in the media, official documents were published that indicated that the energy park would be expanded, which prompted dozens of businessmen to buy land in this area. This park is expanding again today.
(5) The claim that my daughter has benefited from the investment of 100 million euros of the businessman Ansar is slander and a big lie. This is because this investment never happened. The person in question asked to invest without respecting the rules of the tender and when my daughter, in accordance with the law, refused to lobby the government for this, he, after a lunch in Rogner with Taulant Balla, gave false statements and left without paying the obligation to her for the lawyer's work (about 8,000 euros).

Saying that you are fighting organized crime because an unknown militant kicked in a door and are chasing the leader of the opposition is a poor attempt to keep corruption and international organized crime in power that includes (i) the first narco-state in Europe where the prime minister is accused by his deputy of meeting the heads of criminal gangs in the office, where police chiefs are in a relationship with crime to order murders, (ii) where casino licenses are granted to the Sinaloa drug cartel, where the heads of organized crime get the status of strategic investor (iii) where the prime minister and his advisers bribe the intelligence chiefs of the FBI like McGonigal and the Romanian general Coldea, etc.
The presented cases are indicators that there is no evidence or fact for any illegal action by the opposition leader, but they clearly seem to be attempts to stop the opposition from challenging the corrupt government, which exports organized crime but accepts refugees at will. than applicants/lobbyists.

As much as the sun can be covered with a veil, the truth can be lost under deception. I remain convinced that the path of justice that I will continue will serve the truth and will hit transnational corruption in a deserved way.

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