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Bushati, ambassador to the USA, Nesho: Will serve Rama faithfully

Bushati, ambassador to the USA, Nesho: Will serve Rama faithfully

The vice president of the Freedom Party, Agim Nesho, has commented on the selection of the candidate for Albania's ambassador to the United States, Ervin Bushati.

Through an interview on Panorama TV, Nesho said that he had nothing against his name and abilities, but according to him, he will be in that position to serve the interests of Prime Minister Edi Rama.

According to Nesho, Bushati will be one of the next 'sheep' of the prime minister.

 "The challenges of being an ambassador to the USA are very great, but the decision-making belongs to one person, Edi Rama. Not that Ervin Bushati's skills are not right, but he will serve Rama faithfully. They cannot share what is the national issue and the interests of a person who uses all means to hold power. I do not express any objection to the intellectual formation of Mr. Bushati, but he is a man among the next sheep that Mr. Rama has. A man who, when it comes to the interests of the nation, Rama has made him not to be like that.

Albanian politics uses ambassadors. The role of the ambassador is strengthened. I think that under the conditions of a regime, even ambassadors of the international ranks, and Obama to bring Albania's representative to Washington, he will serve Rama's interests, he will see him as a shining beacon", said Nesho .


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