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Denunciation: 5 opposition protesters were ill-treated by the police

Denunciation: 5 opposition protesters were ill-treated by the police

The member of the Presidency of the Democratic Party Çlirim Gjata denounced that 5 protesters were mistreated by the police.

Invited to "News 24", Gjata said that the protesters have come to the square because Edi Rama has led to the precipice.

" First. Those detained in the protest were ill-treated, there are 5 people who were ill-treated at the police station. Also, I've just been told that the prestigious Washington Post has just written an article about today's demonstration.

I've always said that it doesn't matter how many people are in a cause, but what matters is the cause. We are in winter, the leader has been arrested and there were still many people in the square. The protest was huge and nothing worked.

The protest responded to the unification of the opposition, towards what is called a federation. The ideas of the electoral program were also thrown today. Today, the DP has its leader illegally arrested, the opposition has been hit hard and the people have protested again. The protest was against corruption, as well as against depopulation, as a result of the economic genocide that has gripped the country ", declared Gjata.

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