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Details from the suspension of Cadastre officials / Mother reported the two boys, how the property was alienated


New details have emerged from the suspension of 7 Cadastre officials in Tirana, who alienated an object and legalized it as a hotel.

In the file of the Tirana Prosecutor's Office, it is stated that the denunciation for the alienation of the building came from a citizen identified as VK, who was deceived by alienating the property located at the address Rruga “Reshit Çollaku” no.11001 Tirana.

It is learned that two brothers took the father's property, which was built in 1995, from the ownership of the mother and passed it in their name. The transfer was carried out through fraud and corruption of Tirana Cadastre employees.

The building in question was legalized on 05.10.2015 and the two defendants, Elvis and Endri Turtulli, were provided with ownership certificates. The boys stated that the hotel was built in 1998 when they were both 18 and 16 years old respectively, but their mother has denied the statements.

She explained that the building was built in 1995 and was equipped with a certificate of ownership from the mortgage in the name of her husband BT

"Regarding the ownership documents on the building, the plaintiff declares that she disappeared from her sons in the mortgage of Tirana. At the end of 1998, she divorced her husband, citizen Beqir Qzim Turtulli ", it is stated in the file of the Prosecution.


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