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International Day of Monuments and Sites, Zhupa: Your model is the concession

International Day of Monuments and Sites, Zhupa: Your model is the concession

Democratic MP Ina Zhupa today on the International Day of Monuments and Sites brought examples of the destruction of cultural heritage in these years, from the Butrint Concession that is now in the Constitutional Court, to the National Theatre, to the plan for the Durrës Amphitheater, to Bylisi, to the monuments disappeared and built over.

Zhupa, during her speech in the Assembly, said that PD will introduce the concept of "Heritage Impact Assessment" into the law when I come to government: "No intervention will be done without the experts making the Heritage Impact Assessment report in advance , does it affect its historical concept, does it affect its archaeological concept! This will be introduced as a legal obligation and will be mandatory. It is inconceivable that the monuments and sites are given by concession, leaving it up to the private person to decide on the history, the findings, the Albanian identity.

In the next 100 years, none of us in the hall will live and most likely will not have any importance for history, only 1% will be remembered as a history text sometimes white sometimes black, but the cultural heritage will be there hundreds of years after us. We have an obligation for future generations to protect and preserve it with all the values.

The concept of concession will disappear from cultural heritage and it will always be the state responsible for cultural monuments and sites"

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