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SP's draft for ex-insurance, Meta: I'm amused by the new initiative, accelerates Rama's free fall

SP's draft for ex-insurance, Meta: I'm amused by the new initiative,

The Socialist Party will submit to the Assembly at the start of the new parliamentary session, changes to the decriminalization law for former state security employees.

The initiative of the socialists came after a report included the name of a politician with the initials I. M as an associate of the former State Security, which is suspected to be the former president and head of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta.

In a press conference, Meta said that the law in question is welcomed by him, due to the fact that it would help Prime Minister Rama to fall from power more easily. Meta said ironically that everyone knows very well how the anti-Meta laws end up.

“You know the fate of all anti-Meta initiatives. Everyone knows it! I am amused by this new initiative. For the reason that it not only helps and accelerates the free fall of the current and outgoing Prime Minister to move even further towards the well-deserved but long-delayed end for reasons that you know very well. that a year ago he completely controlled the opposition in the country. We will give you the pleasure of doing it and put it where you enjoy it the most. What he cannot avoid is that he will answer according to the laws he has made himself. According to the things he has done himself. We are based on the facts where he is involved, we will go to the bottom of it all. To these birds; let them continue, we know. There were other men who did things like Ismail Qemali", said Meta.

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