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Ibrahimaj's blunder, Tabaku: Did you predict what would happen after the earthquake? Are you arrogant or incompetent?!

Ibrahimaj's blunder, Tabaku: Did you predict what would happen after the

Democratic MP Jorida Tabaku collided today in the plenary session with the Minister of Finance, Delina Ibrahimaj.

During the interpellation about the reconstruction fund, Tabaku said that Minister Ibrahimaj answered her question about how much this process has cost with a photo.

Tabaku has not spared the ironies either, as he caught the blunder made by the minister, when he said that they did not get a soft loan after the earthquake, they prepared for the pandemic.

" I hope that it was a slip by the minister, and I hope that nothing happens to this country, but the minister is so far-sighted that she foresees many disasters that can happen in the future.

How can you answer a question about how much it costs, with a picture? How can someone who should be responsible for the state budget behave like a painter? Do we have a state or not? Arrogance and incompetence cannot be a reason to abuse the state budget for electoral purposes. This also happened with the reconstruction process.

I was told by Laçi that the citizens who did not vote for SP were not compensated after the earthquake. I ask how much the reconstruction process cost and he says we took them to 5 star hotels? Who should I ask?

How is it possible that 1.2 billion euros were tendered while, as the minister said, about 700 million euros were paid and spent... I said 400, but it was even higher. Who is responsible for opening tenders and proceeding when the funds were not in the state budget?

Only 11 companies have benefited from the establishment of criteria for reconstruction tenders. Do you have any connection with those companies that have benefited? Is the former deputy prime minister related to those companies? This happened here, you used the disaster for business" , said Tabaku.

The democratic deputy went on to say that the abuse of the reconstruction process is costing twice as much as the real value of those projects.

" He had the opportunity to predict the pandemic and say that after the earthquake we had to prepare for the pandemic and so how did we get the soft loans, where did you know the pandemic would come?!

Abuse of the rebuilding process... is costing twice as much as the real value of those projects. The OSCE/ODIHR report and other reports have said that it was used for electoral reasons... who is responsible for doing business, for seeking votes for the lives of Albanians?

You must have the courage to come here and say that 'yes, the reconstruction process costs 43 million for 2023, the need is 42 billion ALL'. But do you know how much the medium-term budget program has calculated? 0! Do you know how much the state budget has calculated? 5 billion ALL! Are you incompetent or arrogant, I don't know?! Then where will you find this money?!", said Tabaku.

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