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Iran's attack on Israel, Shehu: Albania should be on the side of the USA

Iran's attack on Israel, Shehu: Albania should be on the side of the USA

Democratic MP Tritan Shehu reacted after Iran's latest attack on Israel.

In a post on Facebook, Shehu writes that Israel is under the pressure of an aggression and that Albania should line up with the United States of America.


Israel, under a fierce aggression of Iran!

Aggression, which fortunately failed with the destruction of Iran's drones and missiles in the air, by Israel's defense system.

With the support and direct involvement of the United States and Great Britain.

It was undoubtedly an adventurous move in the way of provocations to expand conflicts in the Middle East and beyond, that of Iranian aggression.

A step in the continuation of policies driven by extremist, fundamentalist, terrorist mentality of that country, which is only fueling destabilization.

Since last night they suffered a defeat, but still on a ground without stability, especially when such goals are still present.

However, the essential guarantee was and is the full involvement of the USA and other Western countries, as happened last night, in the face of terrorism and terrorist states.

Even to prevent the escalation of that situation, as a short-term objective.

Meanwhile, Albania standing in solidarity with Israel and supporting it in the face of this aggression, is and should be on the side of the USA, which we must follow step by step in that very complicated area.

Hoping and wishing that these acts will not be repeated, so that hopes for peace can begin to arise there.

As the only ones who will be able to gradually "heal" the deep suffering of the peoples of that area.

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