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Called them emotional attitudes, Bardhi returns to Alibeaj: I do not pardon intolerable actions


Gazment Bardhi has responded to Enkelejd Alibeaj's statement, when the latter called Bardhi's stance on the Presidency meeting an emotional stance.

Bardhi told the media that his attitude was not emotional at all, but principled to condemn the verbal violence committed against his colleagues.

Bardhi said that he cannot pardon such intolerable actions.

"What I have said is that you verbally abuse or insult MPs who have a different opinion is a behavior of the paramilitary group. Secondly, I have heard during these hours that my attitude has been emotional, no I have not been although there is nothing wrong. My stance has been principled, I have condemned verbal violence when it was committed by Mr. Berisha's group. I will condemn the violence against my colleagues, the blackmails even when they come from DP members who until this moment have thought the same as me. I do not pardon intolerable actions just because they happen on one side. This is to be coherent and take principled positions" , declared Bardhi.


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