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McGonigal accepted the connections with Albania, Berisha: The last dramatic developments have shocked Rama

McGonigal accepted the connections with Albania, Berisha: The last dramatic

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha, during the weekly meeting with journalists this Friday, commented on the acceptance of the former FBI agent's accusations about the ties with Albania, stressing that the head of the government, Prime Minister Edi Rama, is as complicit as Charles McGonigal.

Berisha said that they will try to send every fact about this matter to American and Albanian justice.

 " The dramatic developments in the McGongal affair for the admission of the accused directly related to Rama and his aides have shaken the latter to an extreme degree.

Rama is an accomplice in the entire Albanian file with McGonigal, but there is another big problem that in the case that McGonigal in his statement has accepted 6 charges of one point of the indictment and has cited Rama 11 times, he has released free to prove to the judge that he is just as guilty as McGonigal.

There are two terrible points, one says that the judge has no obligation to accept this agreement and not to evaluate other issues in McGonigal's trial, the same point exists for the Prosecution, even though she signed the agreement there is no limitation to investigate about these points that he has accepted until February next year. The only charge of the indictment against Rama that is not reflected in the former agent's statement is the fine, which is the ugliest aspect of the activity as a structured criminal group.

Fines, the fight against the opposition, the change of licenses, are the 3 classic moments where Rama, McGonigal, Neza, Ducka, Gjiknuri, etc., line up as a structured criminal group. For all this, we will try every fact before American and Albanian justice," says Berisha.

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