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Statutory changes in DP? Boçi: Two new vice presidents can be proposed; who is it about?

Statutory changes in DP? Boçi: Two new vice presidents can be proposed;

On Tuesday, the DP National Council is expected to meet to formalize the merger into a single political formation, after the merger of the Gazment Bardhi Group with that of Sali Berisha.

It is learned that one day the Party Presidency will meet, where the statutory changes will be proposed, which will then be passed to the National Council for approval, as well as he/she who is the vice-president of the Assembly, will have the post of the party's vice-president , so it automatically refers to Gazment Bardhin and Agron Gjekmarkajn.

The vice president of the Democratic Party, Luciano Boçi, has shown on Syri TV what status changes are expected to be made in this party. He confirmed that on Tuesday two more vice presidents could be added due to their positions.

BoçiIf the Presidency decides that these status changes will be forwarded to the National Council and the National Council approves them, two corresponding vice-presidents are added based on the positions they have in the Parliament of Albania, as well as members of the Presidency are added, based on the direction of parliamentary committees that exist today in parliament.

So, it is a reduction of seats in the Presidency, as two vice-presidents are added due to their positions.

While me and Mr. Bylykbashi we are elected, the other two vice-presidents will be in that position because of the parliamentary functions of political representation that they do for the DP at the parliamentary level. Such a method has existed in the PD tradition; it's kind of a throwback. There are different interpretations. I say that beyond the interpretations, it is a very important moment that will serve the unity of the DP.

This question has often been raised, yes, we exist and are united within the Parliamentary Group, but how will it be merged into the DP structure? And it is the Statute of the party itself that allows this merger to be within the political framework, the commitment of the political elite of the DP and what the members of the DP have been asking for years so that this merger is not limited within the Group. Parliamentary, but be pushed further into the leadership structure of the DP.

It is known that deputies have a specific role within the political structure, not simply for their representation in parliament, but also the role they play within the finer structures of the DP, at the level of the Presidency, the National Council, the group sections, the branches and why not also the sections."

Watch the full video interview with Mr. Boçi, also asked about the upcoming DP protests as well as his judgment on the Summit for Ukraine that was held recently in Tirana.


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