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Tomorrow the elections for the leader of PD, Gjana: If you bring names that are not members of PD will not be allowed in the commission

Tomorrow the elections for the leader of PD, Gjana: If you bring names that are

The Chairman of the Election Commission in the Democratic Party, Jemin Gjana, has issued a statement to the media as he separates us only one day from the elections for the new leader of the Democratic Party.

Gjana called on the rivals of the leader of the Democrats, Lulzim Basha, to send their representatives to the 76 local commissions for the election process for the leader of the Democratic Party that will be held tomorrow. Gjana stated that if these names are not members of the Democratic Party and are not members of the branch where they were sent, they will not be allowed in the commission.

"We have just finished one of the meetings of the Commission today. We approved the non-final list because they are not representative for all committees. Kadilli has brought representatives to 54 commissions out of 76. We approved the list after verifying being a member of the DP. I made a morning announcement about the three candidates and their representatives.

 the only one who has reacted so far is Kadilli. I have a call from Mr. Capri who is preparing the list and can submit it by the afternoon. I do not yet have an announcement from Ms. Harxhi. No name becomes part of the voting and counting commissions that is not a member of the party and does not belong to the branch where it is charged. I once again invite the commissions to communicate with each other as soon as possible so that the polling stations will be open tomorrow morning.

If DP members are not sent, they will not become part of the Commission, but this does not mean that the election process will not start. All election material has been sent to all constituencies. The lists closed yesterday. Ballot papers, secret chambers and everything else are finally being distributed and by lunch it ends in all counties. Candidates who do not bring names are in their own right. The commission does not appoint representatives of the candidates " , declared Gjana.


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