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"The operators have put their hands in", Ivi Kaso shows the scheme of how the votes were stolen in Kamez

"The operators have put their hands in", Ivi Kaso shows the scheme of

The secretary for electoral affairs in the Democratic Party, Ivi Kaso, has shown how the votes were stolen in Kamze, where the voting and counting was done electronically.

Invited to the show "Log" on Panorama TV, Kaso said that they have evidence that shows that the operators voted instead of the citizens, who, as he says, should be sent for criminal prosecution and show who paid them for this.

According to him, these people not only put their hands in and assisted, but also used identity cards of other people.

"Such things have happened in Kamza that prove that everything happened, but there was no election process. Citizens have gone, but the operator has voted. Wonders of the most changes."

"We had the opportunity to see until this morning about half or something more of the voting centers and there was not a VC that had a normal process. In most of them the operators, the staff who were hired by the CEC, voted. "

"Not only did they put their hands in and assist people to vote, but they physically voted by name. They get identity cards from the commission, which is there and does nothing. They are paid to be there. Get 10 operator cards and go vote, stay half an hour cast 10 votes, go later cast more votes."

"It is sufficient cause to seek invalidity and to prosecute the operator, the commissioners and the inspectors by giving heavy penalties to force them to show who paid them or who forced them to do so" , Kaso said.

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