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PD sets up an audit group for Russian lobbying, Spaho: We will call Basha to testify

PD sets up an audit group for Russian lobbying, Spaho: We will call Basha to

The Democratic Party convened the Presidency today, where an audit group was also created to investigate the issue of Russian lobbying for which former leader Lulzim Basha is accused.

The deputy of the Democratic Party, Edmond Spaho, in an interview on A2 CNN, said that Basha will be invited to give explanations on this matter, since many of his previous statements do not match.

" Today we considered at the DP Presidency the establishment of a working group that will conduct an internal investigation of what happened to the funding from the Russians in the DP. We have stated that no money from Russians or foreign sources has entered DP.

The affair that has been discussed recently, but even before it came out, is personal to Lulzim Basha. The money was taken from him without notifying any governing body of the Democratic Party and this was shown by an investigation by the prosecutor's office that was closed with Rama's intervention. The facts show that the payments were made to the company. We will see the documentation that is in the DP, but there are no documents or records.

We will receive the testimonies of some people like Ilir Dervishi and Arben Ristanin. We will even call Lulzim Basha. We will invite him, then it is up to him to make a decision, but he has at least a moral obligation to tell the truth about where this money came from and how it was used. He has given many explanations that do not match each other',  said Spaho.



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