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Repent of breaking the agreement with Balla? Alibeaj wants to use the last chance

Repent of breaking the agreement with Balla? Alibeaj wants to use the last

It seems that Enkelejd Alibeaj has repented and that he will continue with the efforts, although without any function in the Democratic Party, to continue the agreement with the Socialists for your President.

He called the deputies at the blue headquarters at 10.30, where he is expected to discuss the formalization of a candidacy.

“Hello! Tomorrow at 10:30 in the headquarters we will hold group meetings. Thank you! ”Was said in Alibeaj's message.

A few days ago, Alibeaj hinted that he would not propose any name and that he was disappointed by Taulant Balla, the leader of the SP group.

Alibeaj stated that the Socialist Party withdrew from the agreement for the election of the president, as it asked for a candidacy to be supported by at least 20 deputies, a condition which Alibeaj did not meet.

This is the last chance of the opposition, because in the 4th round, the SP has declared that it will elect the president himself, as only a simple majority is needed, which the Socialists have.

On the other hand, President Sali Berisha together with other Democrats has refused to participate in this process, which he considered a farce. According to him, Rama has elected the President and is simply playing a game of "cooperation".

While the allies of the right have called for the opposition to come up with a joint candidate.


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