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Protests/ Berisha: We will tell the EU leaders that we are the most corrupt country in Europe, Rama is undoing Albania

Protests/ Berisha: We will tell the EU leaders that we are the most corrupt

The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, declares that with the protest of December 6, it will be shown to the members of the EU that Albania is the most corrupt country in Europe.

"Albania, not by us, but by the European and world media, has been described as the 'Columbia of Europe', it has been described as the first and only narco-state in Europe, and this is not without reason.

You see, who made drugs in Albania. 3 drug ministers are appointed one after the other in the Ministry of Interior. Even the one who is today is up to his ears in drugs, because he is Edi Rama, because they did not appoint the citizens, but Edi Rama.

Because it adapts the drug platform. Then we, the citizens who suffer the consequences of this policy, cannot be on that day, except in the square. To tell them, outstanding men and women, that we are not drugs and crime. Crime is what you have on the table. We are against crime, against drugs ," said Berisha in a meeting with residents of Unit No. 7 in Tirana.

According to him, Prime Minister Rama is undoing Albania, referring to the case of the Port of Durrës.

"There is an Arab who has a passion for investing in dictators, with Llukashenko and others, he says to Edi Rama, I will make you rich like myself. Come let's take this port together.

No invader has taken the port from the Albanians.

Today, the port is the biggest public asset of Albanians. It processes 4.8 million tons. He distributes them in the heart of Albania, where there are almost 2 million Albanians. Shorter distance, lower shipping and cost due to distance.

Now, we will buy goods because Edi Rama will become a billionaire, which are transported from Tivari to Tirana, from Thessaloniki to Korça, from Igoumenica to Vlora and Gjirokastër.

Who will pay the cost of this transport? We, the citizens with prices in the store.

How does he get 200 hectares of land for 1 euro, he has set the price of apartments at 3000 euro per square meter. Similarly, the hotels and malls in Durrës, he builds his Dubai and the misery of the Albanians.

Now he says he will build a port, but he has no intention of building a port. He intends to close the ports, as an anti-Albanian and he closed them, he has closed Saranda, Vlora yes, Durrës now and long live Shengjini, but Shengjini has great restrictions, it is a small port.

So this is undoing Albania geographically as well.

Therefore, we must tell them, this is stealing from us, it is stealing from us in this way. We are here, you have the thief on the table" , said the chief democrat.

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