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July 7th protest, Mustafaj: The opposition should show the mobilizing force it has. I see fear in Rama

July 7th protest, Mustafaj: The opposition should show the mobilizing force it

The former foreign minister, Besnik Mustafaj, commented on the protest called by the leader of the DP, Sali Berisha, which is expected to be held on July 7.

Invited to ABC, Mustafaj says that PD needs to show the mobilizing force it has made during this period, while in the fall, according to him, it is useful to start with new energies.

"I believe it would go a long way during the summer. The opposition needs to show its mobilizing force before the holidays. It is useful to start the autumn with new energy",  he said.

Asked why the deputies who are not supporters of Berisha, refused to be included in the working groups, Mustafaj says that they are making a mistake.

"For me it is an indication of hesitation. They are making a serious mistake. I have friends. They expect Berisha to negotiate with them individually. Berisha never does that. The approach he had by including them in the working groups was an indication that he calls them his own. For me, it was a step that should not be left,"  he emphasized.

Regarding the statements of Berisha, who repeatedly expresses his conviction that Rama will leave, Mustafaj emphasizes that he sees fear in the head of the government.

"I know Berisha, even in '97 and '98. Berisha spoke the same language. He is honest and believes what he says. What makes me believe what Berisha says is the fear I see in Edi Rama. For the first time, he is insisting on using SPAK to get Berisha out of the battlefield,"  Mustafaj emphasized.

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