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"SP seeks stage", Vokshi: "Sterilization" has not been fully investigated by SPAK

"SP seeks stage", Vokshi: "Sterilization" has not been fully

The head of the investigation commission for concessions in health, Albana Vokshi, in a Skype connection to News24, spoke about today's meeting of the commission that she leads, which, unlike other meetings, was calm and without tension.

She stated that all meetings should be like this and this only happens if the law and regulations are respected. Vokshi added that the majority continues to request the deviation from the object of the commission's investigation, accusing that the majority is trying to turn the whole thing into a show, with the request for the extension of the investigation since 2009.

Among other things, Vokshi stated that SPAK has not fully investigated the sterilization concession and according to her, the purpose of the commission is to help the criminal investigation.

"There is no reason why there should be tension in the commission. They must be based on law and regulations. When these are implemented, the meetings should continue normally, there should be no anomalies. The SP has continued to demonstrate its lack of will to conduct a parliamentary investigation of two of the most corrupt concessions.

The majority continues to insist that the object be outside the parliament's decision. How long they want to divert the investigation, they don't want to focus on the object of the investigation, they don't want to start the investigation when Rama Beqaj and those with whom they have had an affair, want to extend it since 2009 and want to turn it into a show. We want to focus and it is our duty to do so. SPAK has not investigated "Sterilization". He investigated until the moment of signing the contract.

We do not only aim at administrative investigation, but to assist the criminal investigation and, looking at the current legislation, to make sure that criminal acts do not happen again. We will propose legal changes so that these criminal acts do not happen again," she said.

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