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SP holds the Investigative Commission 'hostage', Berisha: We will insist, the fine imposed by Rama-McGonigal amounts to 50 million euros

SP holds the Investigative Commission 'hostage', Berisha: We will

The Parliament of Albania has not accepted the request of the Democratic Party to set up an Investigative Commission for the Rama-McGonigal scandal.

The Chief Democrat Sali Berisha in the speech of the parliamentary group said that despite the facts that come to light which directly implicate the prime minister in the scandal, justice, like in no other country in the world, continues to be silent.

Berisha said that the opposition will insist on setting up the Investigative Commission, as Rama cannot escape justice.

Berisha: The blocking of the investigation commission for the Rama-McGonigal affair continues again.

This is a scandalous affair and new facts and evidence are constantly emerging. Edi Rama, together with Oleg Deripaska, is the main factor in the corruption of the FBI's counterintelligence chief, Charles McGonigal. Edi Rama has committed a series of punishable acts, either in the laws of the USA or in those of Albania. The McGonigal affair is the Watergate of this century. Edi Rama contracted the chief spy of the USA as a paid assassin of the Albanian opposition.

Edi Rama, there is a lot of evidence that he became part of McGonigal's finessing team. There is no other country in the world where justice does not say a word, despite the public denunciations of two well-known businessmen.

Justice is in the vortex of the McGonigal affair. Because it cannot be understood that these fines, these looters, circulate freely with airplanes and helicopters, at a time when their place is where all the fines belong.

But they had established this system with the approval of Edi Rama. We do not give up our constitutional function of controlling the executive and institutions in accordance with the laws. Edi Rama has violated all the laws of the country. He is implicated in fines that are said to reach up to 50 million euros. Not only in Albania, but also in Kosovo.

Edi Rama has the place where McGonigal has it today. It cannot escape justice, so we will insist on setting up commissions.

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