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Rama avoids accountability, Nikola turned off the microphone of the Democrats What is happening in the Assembly

Rama avoids accountability, Nikola turned off the microphone of the Democrats

Debates continue in the Assembly. The Democrats have taken the floor themselves, after Speaker Lindita Nikolla was denied this right.

The opposition insistently demands that Prime Minister Edi Rama appear in Parliament and give explanations for the McGonigal scandal.

Deputy Albana Vokshi released a video of Prime Minister Edi Rama with McGonigal where it was heard: "The head of counter-terror was my friend."

"There is no more shame than this verbal process. It shows how badly you run this assembly. First of all, it's a shame for you, Madam President" , said Vokshi, whose microphone was then turned off.

While the democratic deputy Gazment Bardhi has asked the Speaker of the Assembly to cancel the vote of the previous session. Socialists passed with their votes in the middle of the noise 8 draft laws and draft decisions. Bardhi said that according to the regulations, the bills that were approved last week must be introduced again in this session.

"In the most anti-constitutional way, you, as a leader, only out of fear that Rama would face the opposition for a scandal, took away the right to speak from 54 deputies. According to the regulation of the parliament, in case chaos is caused in the hall of plenary sessions, the leader suspends the plenary session, if the chaos continues, the session is interrupted and the agenda is moved.

There is no need to become a shield for Edi Rama, bring him to the session to give an account of how much time is paid and how. Cancel the voting process in the last session and you cannot remove the opposition's right to speak," said Bardhi. 

While MP Ervin Salianji has accused Prime Minister Rama of being involved in any corrupt affair and that the Assembly should accept the opposition's request for a debate motion.

"If the prime minister is ashamed and does not come here, he must come and give an answer that you can decide who will debate. It is this prime minister who has scandals with the private plane. It is the prime minister who is involved in every affair in this country and whether you can set the time of the deputies is set by the constitution. Accept the request with a motion with debate, the prime minister is asked for a personal affair because he has shamed Albania in all international media" , declared Salianji.

In the same line, Jorida Tabaku also stated that the Assembly is turning into a government office. She requested that Rama come to the Assembly and account for his involvement in this affair.

"You cannot take away our right to speak, today opposition MPs need transparency, everything we said in the past has been proven, we need transparency, who is lying, you cannot hide forever. I come to the parliament because I was voted to speak to hold the government responsible, the motion request, it's up to us to gather, discuss it, decide it, while the interpellation continues, other laws are very important, let the deputies exercise" , said Tabaku.






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