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Rama signed a contract with 'Boston Consulting Group' to consolidate his power, not to fight corruption

Rama signed a contract with 'Boston Consulting Group' to consolidate

The anti-corruption spokeswoman denounced a contract that Edi Rama signed with the Boston Consulting Group.

She says that he did this to consolidate his power and not to fight corruption


On May 29, 2024, Edi Rama signed VKM no. 327, with object: Authorizing the Minister of Justice and the Minister of State for Public Administration and Anticorruption to negotiate directly with the international entity BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP (BCG) for the provision of consulting services for the identification of efficient mechanisms to further promote the fight against corruption and the possibility of using artificial intelligence (AI) for this purpose.

The negotiation focuses on these 3 (three) areas:

a) Analysis for the identification of effective mechanisms and giving recommendations for the fight against corruption,

b) Analysis and recommendations, in order to prevent corruption in the provision of public services

c) Analysis and recommendations for the possibility of using artificial intelligence in decision-making and service delivery processes.

According to third-party sources, e.g. newspaper The New York Times, this company has been at the center of several scandals.

Article dt. On April 11, 2018, this prestigious newspaper writes that the Boston Consulting Group has helped Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman consolidate power in Saudi Arabia, etc...

Apparently, this is also the purpose of Edi Rama's cooperation with this company.

1. Why is Edi Rama seeking direct contracting with a subject for the purpose of the anti-corruption fight when the SPAK, the Prosecutor, the anti-corruption structure in the KM, the audit directorates in state institutions are paid with the taxes of Albanians for this purpose, overlapping the object of the activity of these state bodies?

2. Why and who chose the subject BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP?

3. Why was this procedure approved with a personalized VKM by Edi Rama, in a total lack of transparency, and you were not subjected to the competition procedures as stipulated by the Albanian legislation in force, from which the winner would also emerge who would implement this project?

4. What is the total value of the implementation of this project and who will pay for it?

The Democratic Party guarantees the public opinion and Edi Rama, a serial signatory of illegal personalized and non-transparent acts in favor of his godfathers ala McGonigal, that he will follow this entire procedure and its implementation at every step, in order to avoid tax evasion of Albanians which go into the pockets of lobbyists in favor of Edi Rama to ensure the continuation of his power.

Albanians no longer believe the fairy tales with mamadhi where Edi Rama fights corruption that he himself does.../ pdsh.al/media/

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